Best Stop Smoking Aids of 2014


We have dedicated this website for the sole purpose of finding the best stop smoking aids available in the market. The fact that there are endless amount of sleeping pills out there that don’t work at all, we took the time to investigate and evaluate hundreds of top rated sleeping aids to find out the ones that actually work. We created this website to put an end to your guesswork. You can choose the best products right away without a second thought, since we have already spent thousands of hours on investigation. We have focused our investigation primarily on the below mentioned factors.

  1. Customer Feedback and Overall Value
  2. Ingredient Quality
  3. Speed and Effectiveness
  4. Track record and safety

The following three natural products were found to be exceptionally good, which is why we recommend users to try them out. They are an ideal answer to the haunting question, “How to stop smoking”? The best part is that the below mentioned natural aids do not carry any side effects, and can be bought without a doctor’s prescription.


1. Smoke DeterSmoke Deter

Smoke Deter is the most powerful quit sleeping product that we have witnessed till date. Its advanced formula includes some of the strongest natural components that are formulated to offer harmless and effective results. Customer reviews and feedbacks gathered from past users have been exceptionally positive. Majority of them claim that Smoke Deter has changed their lives by helping them fall asleep sooner, and by enabling them to enjoy a healthy sleep. The prime ingredients included in the product have been clinically tested to offer full night’s sleep, and thereby help users wake up energized and refreshed. Overall, Smoke Deter is a product to be excited about because it’s extremely difficult to find a product that offers better combination of safety, effectiveness and value for money than what Smoke Deter does. The highlighting fact is that the company also offers money back guarantee, in case you don’t gain deep and relaxing sleep with the use of this product.

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Detailed Smoke Deter Review

2. Zero NicotineZero Nicotine

Zero Nicotine is an all-organic sleeping aid that includes the perfect composition of nature and science, which helps us obtain faster and longer sleep. It encourages a feeling of wellness and relaxation which enables users to derive quality sleep. Developed to match and beat almost all the over the counter pills out there in the market, this stop smoking patch not only smashes all its rivals, but also gains recommendations from doctors over other prescription based sleeping tablets and pills. After a comprehensive evaluation, we found no traces of unwanted chemicals or similar substances in Zero Nicotine. In fact, there are hardly any negative reports about Zero Nicotine. Consumers are guaranteed to enjoy good sleep or get a complete refund.  The only reason we thought it was fair to place Zero Nicotine in the second slot is because we found more positive reports and reviews about Smoke Deter in comparison to Zero Nicotine.

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Detailed Zero Nicotine Information

3. Quit smoking eBook (Q S T)

Written by a former chain smoker named Rob Mellor, this eBook includes almost everything that will help you quit smoking once and for all. Q S T program offered by the author has helped tons of people get rid of the smoking addiction. This stop smoking program    includes a MP3 audio that teaches users how to achieve a smoke free life without making way for side effects. With Q S T program, you will get familiarized with an advanced formula that is devised to offer optimum and quality sleep. The author is so confident about his product that he offers money back guarantee as well. Although extremely effective, we found out that this guide may not offer results as fast as Smoke Deter and Zero Nicotine, which is why we have placed it in the third slot.

Why only three products?

Over the years, we have received hundreds of emails from product manufacturers and promoters to recommend their medications. However, we had to take the tough decision of turning down their offers because we have always played the role of a harsh critic to ensure that we recommend only the best products to our visitors. That being said, we are constantly reviewing and investigating new pills and programs. We promise to update our website whenever we come across products that meet our high standard requirements.

Are prescription drugs or other herbal aids not that effective?

We are committed to offer unbiased opinions about over the counter quit smoking therapies and other methods. We have tested herbal remedies and other prescription based drugs as well. However, we were not satisfied with the results. Although some of anti cigarette patches were truly effective, they either made way for side effects or delayed results, which is why we haven’t recommended any of these solutions. We are extremely happy over the fact that users were able to experience positive results with the help of treatments recommended by us.